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TJ Lysiak - Owner



TJ has spent the entirety of his adult life working with coral, fish and animals of all shapes and sizes, classes and species.

Combining his deep passion and educational background in marine biology with his near encyclopedic knowledge of corals, invertebrates and saltwater fish, he is an excellent resource for every customer that comes through the door from the absolute beginner to the most knowledgeable experts. 

Born in Raleigh and raised in Greensboro, TJ is graduate of UNCW, you'll always find TJ with a smile on his face and a 'Welcome to Coastal Reef' greeting. You're likely to find him bouncing around the store fragging corals, feeding fish, and sharing his knowledge with his customers.



 Lee Hazlett - Owner



As far back as Lee can remember, he's loved and been fascinated with every little beetle, frog, snake, and fish he's ever come across.

Born and raised in Durham, NC, Lee has made Wilmington his home since 2012. The very definition of an animal lover, Lee has the attention to detail and careful touch to help any living thing grow and thrive, but he also doesn't hesitate to get his hands dirty building, constructing or painting as evidenced by the recent improvements throughout the store.

Initially a frequent customer of Coastal Reef and during the tenure of the prior owner, Lee was quick to jump in with TJ to purchase Coastal Reef with both feet in when the business was up for sale and he's set out to make his passion, his business.

You'll typically find Lee engaged with a customer taking the time to share his care techniques, his honest advice, and his lifelong passion with those who share his love of the hobby. 


Coastal Reef Aquariums
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Coastal Reef stands as Wilmington, North Carolina's premium saltwater aquarium retail store. Originally opened in 2012, current owners Lee Hazlett & TJ Lysiak purchased the store in February of 2019. As Wilmington’s largest and most established aquarium store, we take pride in offering exceptional customer service, as well as high quality fish, coral, & aquarium supplies.

Quality - Our new upgraded tanks, including our 450 gallon display tank which is currently under construction, 4x 200 gallon towers, 108 gallon rimless tank, 2x 80 gallon tanks, the central 150 gallon tank, 60 gallon live rock tank, and 3x 33 gallon invertebrates tanks are all to give the fish room to swim and grow properly, which minimizes their stress, helps with development and overall health.

Variety - We sell standard and custom aquariums, saltwater fish and coral, invertebrates, fish and coral foods, salt / R.O.D.I. water, and all the supplies needed to start and maintain a tranquil, vibrant & healthy aquarium. Currently stocking over 250 LPS corals, 175 SPS Corals, 75 Soft Corals, and 50 varieties of snails, shrimp, and crabs. Additionally we have in stock and more available online, a large selection of protein skimmers, lights, blowers, and over 2,000 lbs of rock, including over 500 pounds of live rock.

Service - We offer tank service and tank installation not only in the immediate vicinity of our Wilmington retail store conveniently located at the Lumina Commons shops, we will also travel for your aquarium service and aquarium installation from Pinehurst to Fayetteville, Raleigh and Durham to Greenville, Myrtle Beach to Florence, New Bern to Greenville. Contact us for a quote today.

Additionally, Coastal Reef offers a 300+ page catalogue with a large selection of Marine fish and corals. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we can get it for you within a week. We also carry a steady inventory of ORA fish and Corals, and support locally aqua-cultured frags.

Stop by for a free water sample and to check out our regularly updated selection of fish and coral (changing bi-weekly). If you're looking for a particular fish or coral, let us know, and we can likely get it in store for you within a week. We're also proud to host numerous frag swaps, including our annual Summer Community Frag Swap. See our FB feed or website for event updates. 

Last but certainly not least, to our wonderful community of aquarium hobbyists: Thank You! for supporting our locally owned and family operated business, and for helping us grow over the years. We take pride in knowing our customers by name and earning your trust and loyalty.