What is the best type of aquarium to use?

Any size tank can be used for a saltwater aquarium, smaller tanks require smaller filtration systems, but larger tanks will provide much more stable water and allow for more fish and invertebrates. It is generally recommended not to use anything smaller than 30 gallons and those that are below this range are considered nano or pico tanks which can be more difficult to keep. The best advice is to get the largest tank you can afford and have room for. The tank should be all glass or acrylic on the sides with no metal parts anywhere that will be exposed to water. The saltwater will cause the metal to corrode and can affect the water parameters and livestock alike. When considering acrylic tanks the most difficult aspect to deal with the how soft the material is, and how easy it can be to scratch that aquarium. These tanks are often times more expensive than the glass counterparts, but add an additional level of clarity and are less heavy than the same size glass tank. Lastly, when acrylic tanks are manufactured the seams bonded and chemically adhered making leaks very unlikely as long as the appropriate thickness has been used. With glass tanks, the seams are adhered using silicones which over time can fail, causing leaks or complete tank failures. Due to this aspect of the glass aquariums special care must be taken when cleaning the interior of the aquarium when cleaning around the corners and with what utensils.     

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