How should I acclimate the fish before adding it to the aquarium?

The best way to acclimate new animals is to put them into a clean bucket along with the water that came with them. Gradually add water from the aquarium to the bucket using a measuring cup or by using some plastic tubing. Start a siphon in the tube and tie a knot in it so that the water drips slowly into the bucket. You will want to gradually add about three times the amount of water from the aquarium that was originally in the bucket over a period of 15 to 30 minutes. After that you can add the animals to the tank using a net. Be careful not to get fish fins and gills caught in the net. If you have invertebrates in your aquarium, DO NOT put any of the water that came from the aquarium store in your tank. Many aquarium stores put copper in their water to help prevent diseases in the fish. Copper is extremely toxic to invertebrates and will kill shrimps, crabs, and coral.

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