Calcium Levels

Calcium (380-450 ppm)

Calcium is what all of your coral and inverts need to stay healthy and grow. The calcium in your water is rapidly used up by the growth of your corals, which is why it’s very important to add a calcium supplement regularly (every few days, to keep levels between 380-450 ppm). We carry a number of good options, such as Brightwell Reef code A & B, SeaChem Fusion 1 & 2, Kalkwasser, and SeaChem Powder Calcium.

 Keeping your calcium levels balanced is one of the most essential aspects of coral reef aquarium husbandry. If your aquarium’s calcium levels need to be replenished significantly, I recommend using a powder Calcium supplement to avoid raising your alkalinity too much (Reef advanced calcium powder works well for this). Coral Skeletons are comprised of calcium carbonate, which SeaChem Reef Advanced Calcium Powder provides.

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