Sea Lab #28

Sea Lab 28


" Automatically controls concentrations of 28 elements including calcium, strontium and all 15 essential trace elements. Removes heavy metals and limits ammonia and phosphate while helping to buffer aquarium pH. Available in: 1/2 lb Container (as pictured) The 1 kg. block treats over 100 gallons. Block box contains 24 Blocks (2 LBS)  Saltwater use only.   This Auction is for the 2Lb box. Please see our other auctions for other sizes.  "

* Safe and easy-to-use buffering compound for marine aquariums
* Buffers pH and provides a constant supply of vital calcium
* Replenishes all 15 essential trace elements found in natural seawater

Naturally occurring buffer compounds maintain ideal saltwater chemistry. Eliminates major water quality problems and limits phosphate, ammonia, and heavy metals. Also buffers pH and provides a constant supply of vital calcium, as well as all other essential trace elements and microelements. Dissolves slowly for gradual change - no possibility of harmful overdose. 1/2 lb jar - 50 blocks (add 2-3 blocks per 10 gallons of water); 2 lb box - 24 large blocks (3-4 blocks per 50 gallons); 2.2 lbs block - treats 100+ gallons. For saltwater only.

SEA-LAB Formula #28 is a mixture of naturally occurring buffer compounds that maintain natural ocean concentrations of calcium, strontium, and all 15 essential trace elements. Calcium and strontium are well-recognized nutrients, but trace elements are not as well understood.

Formula #28 is the first formula available to hobbyists and the professionals that create and maintain this balance. As elements are depleted from solution, Formula #28 delivers exact equivalent amounts to replace them.

Instructions For Use: Since Formula #28 is fully buffered, there is a constant supply of essential trace elements and no possibility of toxic overload, the dosage and application are extremely uncritical. The blocks can be placed in any location where there is a moderate current. Recommended dosage is three to four blocks per 50 gallons of water. When the blocks are almost dissolved, add a similar number. Older tanks, or those treated with Formula #28 will benefit from an initial treatment of 1 block per 50 gallons for a week or so. This keeps the water chemistry change gradual.

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